Recipe Drive

A lot of people at the Farmers’ Markets have been coming up to me and asking for recipes and cooking advice for our products. I’d love to help them out, but the truth is I’m a pretty lousy cook. I’m not the last person you should ask for advice, but I am pretty darn low on the list.

So I’ve decided to turn to you for help. Do you have a good bread recipe for the Rye flour? Do you know how to cook a mean lamb stew? Can you help me?

If you have a recipe using one of our products (meats, beans, flours, oils etc) please share it with us. I’ll post them here on the blog and on our webpage for others to use. And when I get queried for cooking advice at the farmers’ market again I’ll know exactly where to send them.


Ed jr



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4 responses to “Recipe Drive

  1. Jane Ryther

    Hi Ed,
    I have one recipe to contribute (if I can figure out how to attach it!) and one hint to share re: pork steaks (non-smoked).
    Although the pork steaks are wonderful marrinated and grilled, I’ve discovered an easy way to cut the steak up for stir fry. Thaw steak slightly. With a lg sharp knife, cut off all fat and cut out the bone. Cut the remaining meat in to 3 in wide strips (it is still mostly frozen) and feed it you food processor using the straight slicing blade. Voila! perfect thinly sliced pork for stir fry.
    Okay, I cant figure out how to attach the recipe, so I will email it to you.

  2. Thanks Jane. I’ll post your bread recipe too.


  3. Nancy

    Hello Ed,
    Did I meet you on Saturday? Just made bread using this recipe. The bread was delicious. The flour is so fresh.

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